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Escape From Vault Disney

Sep 20, 2023

UPDATE: And, of course, mere minutes before this minisode went public, they announced that Spider-Man: Far From Home would arrive on Disney+ on November 3!

Yet again, me and David Ganssle continue making our way through the Not On Disney+ Month shortlist in alphabetical order! In this one, we briefly discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home, Sport Goofy In Soccermania, a bunch of Disney park attraction videos (specifically the original Star Tours pre-show and ride film, The Disney Studios Story from the Backstage Studio Tour, Back To Never Land from The Magic of Disney Animation, Michael & Mickey from Inside the Magic: Special Effects and Production Tour, and the pre-show queue videos from Mickey's House and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror), the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie and The Sweatbox!